A dedicated contact for follow up care

We need

  • Every patient hospitalised for heart failure to leave the hospital with an individualised discharge plan – to ensure the transition from hospital back to their home is as smooth as possible
  • Discharge plans to include an appointment to see an heart failure specialist within 2 weeks of discharge – to make sure patients’ condition has stabilised and their medication is adapted correctly
  • Every patient to be given a dedicated contact for follow up after they are discharged from hospital – ideally an heart failure specialist nurse who can provide the link between the hospital-based team, the community care team and the patient.


  • Many patients with heart failure feel ‘abandoned’ after they have left the hospital.
  • Patients with heart failure are often discharged before their condition has stabilised or their medication has been appropriately adapted. This can lead to increased risk of re-admission and premature mortality.1
  • Evidence from several countries suggest that follow up care is often poor for patients hospitalised with heart failure. For example:
    • Rehabilitation is a critical part of post-hospital care for patients, however data from the IN-heart failure registry study in Italy found that only 9.1% are discharged to a rehabilitation centre.2
    • A 2009 Swedish study into primary care centres found that nurse-led follow up of heart failure patients was less frequent than in the follow up of patients with diabetes and asthma or congestive obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).3

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